hello! I'm Sarah

I help product teams design and deliver smart, easy-to-use products, and enjoyable experiences.

How I can help your team create better products


To gain a better understanding of users, I perform qualitative and quantitative data analysis to drive decision making.

User Experience

I employ user-centered, iterative, lean design methods help drive growth and adoption.

Design Systems

I advocate, establish and maintain design standards, patterns, and systems for scalable and cohesive product design.


Culture is everything. I help bring design thinking to product cultures and help companies thrive. I'm also fun at parties!

My Story


Over Sarah's two years at AppCarouel she provided clear value on our design and UX team. This value was demonstrated from the creation of application interfaces, layout sketches and wire frames. Sarah has a great passion for creative, usable, and responsive designs, and worked with all of AppCarousel’s top clients including Cricket, ARRIS and Alltel.

Mark Willoughy

VP Accounts, AppCarousel

Current Work


SaaS IT Alerting and Incident Response tool with robust integration capabilities.

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Past Work


Award winning location based search for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

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