Shopify Ecosystem

During my time at Shopify I worked on two teams–Ecosystem Integrity and Experts Marketplace
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Ecosystem Integrity

For over a year at Shopify, I worked on a team delivering critical initiatives related to the integrity and governance of Shopify's Partner Platform.

Our team focused on preventing abuse and fraud in the ecosystem. Working closely with operations, data science, and engineering, we selected and shipped several high-impact projects that saved millions of dollars in unrealized profits for Shopify.

In addition to the financial benefits, we helped create a more secure and trustworthy platform for Shopify partners, merchants, and buyers by removing bad actors and implementing solutions that prevented exploitation on the platform.

The team did not have a Product Manager, and it was critical to de-risk solutions, so I led several projects in a PM role.

Role UX Manager
Date 2019-2021
My contribution
Product leadership, research,
quantitative and qualitative data synthesis, workshop facilitation, user story and system mapping, user flows, mockups
Sample of solutions implemented to stop and track fraudulent activity
Disable account screen reason and explanationPartner internal screen showing reason for account being disabledPartner facing dashboard showing the account has been disabled

Experts Marketplace

I worked on various projects focused on improving Expert Discovery, improving how Merchants find and connect with Experts to get the help they need. Uncovering the diverse needs of Merchants and how Shopify Partners work with them provided many interesting challenges for myself on the team.

I collaborated with UX Research, Content Designers, Product Designers, Front End Developers, and Product Managers, shipping experiments and testing our hypothesis' through A/B testing.

Sample of a guided flow for Shopify Merchants to get help from Shopify Experts
Screen showing step one of a guided discovery asking what type of business the merchant hasScreen asking what the merchant goals areScreen asking what type of business they're in