KPMG Ignition Centre

Launching Design Thinking in KPMG Canada's first innovation lab
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KPMG Ignition Vancouver is KPMG Canada's first innovation created to spark new thinking and fuel business transformation. I helped launch Design Thinking consulting for executive clients, marketing events, and internal teams
Design leadership

Design Thinking

I introduced DesignThinking for the Vancouver Ignition Centre through a series of interactive sessions to help educate consultants and clients on the benefits of using human-centred design to solve complex business challenges in less time.

I led various presentations to large groups when the Centre opened to inspire and help market the Ignition Centres’ benefits and consulted internal teams on multiple projects on how they could incorporate Design Thinking into their current work.

I also created a Design Thinking playbook for distribution to provide KPMG consultants with a framework for problem-solving with a Design Thinking approach that included ideas and instructions on incorporating Design Thinking exercises with their client sessions.

Role Senior Designer/Design Thinking Facilitator
Date 2018-2019
My contribution
Leadership, Consulting,
Design Thinking facilitation, Workshop design
Workshop design and facilitation

Design Thinking sessions

I designed, coordinated and facilitated several events for the Ignition Centre, delivering dynamic, engaging and impactful Design Thinking sessions for clients, including an event for 30 HR executives looking to improve the employee onboarding experience. I also facilitated sessions with internal teams to diagnose and solve challenges within their consulting areas.

Design Thinking Event Photos
Workshop design and facilitation

David Suzuki Foundation

Working with the Vancouver Design Nerds, I led and facilitated a Design Thinking session for the David Suzuki Foundation. We focused on helping educate individuals concerned about climate change talk to their family and friends about the impacts of climate change.

During this half-day session, we ideated on crucial conversation points and how to frame potential responses. While the teams presented their conversations, a developer built a live chatbot prototype for us to view and test. The team was so inspired by the session they created and implemented the solution on their website and Facebook.

David Suzuki Design Thinking Event photos