As lead UX designer at Poynt, I helped launch the popular Blackberry application on iPhone, Android and Windows platforms. I also acted as lead marketing designer working on multiple websites, landing pages, and print collateral.

Poynt Website

While working at Poynt the website went through many different changes as the company grew. I worked with marketing and external consultants to design and code all the external facing websites, and gained a lot knowledge about different markets and devices we were expanding to.

Poynt iPhone App

During my time at Poynt the application had become immensely popular on Blackberry for location-based search. I helped launch the application on to iPhone and Android platforms, which were still relatively new at the time. I worked with product managers and developers to create a cohesive experience across all the devices and collaborated with marketing with the creation of new features such as Event listings and location-based discount offerings.

Poynt Windows App

Windows phone launched during my time at Poynt so I worked with the Product Manager and development to learn this new platform and unique experience and deliver Poynt to Windows phone users. This was the beginning of flat design.