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PerfectMind Product Design

PerfectMind is a SaaS product with many features to help enterprise and small businesses run their member-based businesses. It provides a CRM, a Point of Sale, Accounting and Inventory management, Marketing Tools, and more.

During my time there, I worked with cross-functional teams, customers, and key stakeholders to get iterative feedback during the design process, and collaborated with development teams to implement high-quality user experiences.


Depending on the project, I would facilitate parts of the UI/UX process to the needs of the team, scope and constraints. Find examples of work below.

Customer Interviews & Usability Tests

When designing new features I would work on wireframe prototypes and screens to present to customers for feedback and iteration. We would also interview customers on existing features that we were assessing for usability and would use customer feedback to drive improvements on feature redesigns.

User Flows

As a complex SaaS offering with significant in-product and public-facing features, it was important to define user flows for complex tasks and journeys. I would often begin with defining multiple paths and actions for the user to get sign off from the Product Manager before going into designing the interface.


To gain an understanding of functionality and requirements I often sketch onto paper or a whiteboard to get an idea of the layout, hierarchy, and key interactions. Once the UI starts to become more complex I will bring it into wireframes in Sketch for faster rounds of changes.

Wireframing & Prototyping

One of the biggest feature designs I worked on in my time there was a Point of Sale system that needed to accommodate several use cases, from quickly selling small items like coffee and snacks at a food counter, to full-fledged membership setup and payment schedules.

Below is a sample of the wireframes I worked on at the beginning stages, since I worked on this project right before I left. There were definitely many UX issues to address once we got into more complex use cases, like multiple users with fees and extras and payment schedules that needed further research and ideation.

Style Guide

I led the design and development of a front-end style guide, which included a UI/UX audit of design elements, components, and interaction within the existing application. I created and implemented a design system of colour, typography, and UI components to create a unified experience across the product.

UI Design

Based on Atomic design methodology, I worked on updating design elements within the existing legacy application. I started with smaller design elements first, then grouped design elements together in blocks, and then worked on ideas to bring the existing product into a grid-based responsive design.

I explored different navigation patterns to address existing flow and usability issues and worked on design concepts and approaches to user problems and bring a more modern design to the product.