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I’m a senior designer with over eighteen years of experience designing, building, and delivering digital experiences.

I’m a Senior Product Designer and Strategist comfortable moving between research, workshop facilitation, ideation, user testing and design. I uncover insights by performing interviews, testing ideas with users and stakeholders, and iteratively designing solutions. I help companies look for market opportunities, and engage their teams to make value-based design change. I also love continuously learning new things.

I’ve worked on market-leading SaaS applications and acted as lead designer in established organizations as well as in a popular mobile startup. I embrace ambiguity and enjoy roles that provide autonomy while allowing me to wear many different hats. I value co-collaboration and learning from users, stakeholders, and peers. I am comfortable working with multi-disciplinary, remote teams and leading design initiatives, redesigns, and new projects.

Skills & Expertise

User Research
User Interviews
User Testing


Design Thinking

Design Operations

UI/UX Design
Design Systems
Responsive Design

UX Certifications

I am Nielsen Norman Certified in the following:

UX Research

  • Assessing UX Designs Using Proven Principles
  • User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design

UX Management

  • Design Systems and Pattern Libraries
  • Designing Influence
  • Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In
  • Leading Highly-Effective UX Teams
  • Facilitating UX Workshops
  • The UX VP/Director

Web Design

  • Web Page UX Design
  • Persuasive Web Design