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I’m a senior designer with over fifteen years of experience in designing, building, and shipping digital experiences.

I’m a Product Designer and UX Strategist comfortable moving between research, wireframes, design, and documentation. I uncover insights by performing interviews, testing designs with users, and iteratively designing solutions. I help companies look for market opportunities, engage their users and teams to make value-based design change. I also love continuously learning new things.

I’ve worked on complex SaaS applications within an Agile workflow, as well as acted as lead designer in both established organizations and startup mobile ventures, that required me to wear many different hats. I value co-collaboration and learning from users and my peers. I am comfortable working with multi-disciplinary, remote teams and leading UX initiatives, redesigns, and new projects.

Skills & Expertise

User Research
User Interviews
User Testing


Competitive Research
Design Operations

UX Strategy
Design Thinking
Workshop Facilitation

Responsive Design
Design Systems
UI/UX Design


Adobe Creative Cloud

Design System Manager




UX Certifications

I am Nielsen Norman Certified in the following:

UX Research

  • Assessing UX Designs Using Proven Principles
  • User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design

UX Management

  • Design Systems and Pattern Libraries
  • Designing Influence
  • Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In
  • Leading Highly-Effective UX Teams
  • Facilitating UX Workshops
  • The UX VP/Director

Web Design

  • Web Page UX Design
  • Persuasive Web Design